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10,000 naughty Shiba Inu are planning to break loose to reach to The Moon; But during every transformation you know you have to accept the change; And yours might just be a little deferent than the others ;)



15 AirDrops

Multiple Distribution among members

500 twitter followers

lunching discord channel

700 twitter followers

website launch


15 AirDrops

1000 twitter followers

start of whitelist sale for 0.001 ETH/one SCS NFT (only 400 scs agents)

exclusive ama for first 100 whitelist buyers

End of whitelist sale

start of public sale for 0.002 ETH/one SCS NFT (only 4500 SCS Agents


5 AirDrops

25% sold

smerch giveaway and exclusive marketplace

35% Sold

1 ETH giveaway randomly among holders


5 AirDrops

50% sold

increase price to 0.01 ETH

exclusive whitelist of a new project for the community

100% sold

5 ETH giveaway randomely among holders


Who made SuperCyberShiba?

SCS is brought to you by Primitive Creatures studio that makes NFTs and P2E Games :)

How Was SuperCyberShiba Created?

Each SuperCyberShiba agent has been transformed with the help of image processing technology and a generative algorithm by mixing a variety of animated properties and frequencies with different possibilities.

How can I get an SCS NFT?

You can follow us on Twitter and join our discord to be informed about giveaways, pre-sale campaigns, and the public lunch of the project. All SCS purchases, including pre-sale and public, will be made only on this website. The secondary market, however, will take place on the Opensea website.

What is the total supply of SuperCyberShiba?

There are only 10.000 SCS agents.

How are SCS NFTs distributed?

You can check the SCS roadmap for more details.

Is this a scam?

Everything about the project, including the contract, progress, and data, is verified and transparent to the public. We are putting all of our efforts into making the roadmap come true so it will benefit all of our community.

Are the NFTs and their data secured?

The smart contract will be deployed on the polygon blockchain, and all the metadata is stored on the decentralized file-sharing system of IPFS so they will be available till the end of time and no one would be able to access and/or manipulate them, even the creators :)

Why should I buy an SCS NFT?

The SCS is a contribution to the "Shiba Inu", the $SHIB token fans and enthusiasts, and you can show your support by holding an SCS NFT.

How many SCS NFTs can I mint?

You can mint up to # SCS for each wallet address.

How much does an SCS NFT cost, and how much is the gas fee?

You can check the pricing details on the project's roadmap, and the gas is almost FREE since you'll be using the polygon chain.

Will There Be Any Royalties?

Yes, 2% royalties for the secondary market.